Minecraft Xbox One Release Date


Minecraft and Xbox enthusiasts had a lot to cheer for at the E3 2013 in Los Angeles. While lots of updates, frenzy information about new games and various developments were reported through dozens of press conferences and press releases, the teasing trailer of Minecraft developed for the Xbox One platform was the cherry on the cake.

There wasn’t much hoopla prior to the exhibitions but no sooner that Mojang and 4J Studios initiated launching the teaser of the popular sandbox game, fans have been rejoicing and wondering about the Minecraft Xbox One release date.

At the press conference, nothing was disclosed or hinted at regarding the Minecraft Xbox One release date. All we know is that the game has got bigger, better, more adventurous and perhaps more challenging to survive as well. As per the official version of the developers, the edition of the game for Xbox One would be on a much larger scale than its preceding editions. The landscapes and the geographical outreach would be larger and boast of better graphics. The single player and multiplayer modes will have many more features than the preceding editions. With more and bigger maps, epic adventures and some unprecedented features at every twist and turn of events, Minecraft is surely set to take a huge leap into the gen next horde of Xbox games.

Considering the track record of Minecraft and the release of their different versions, one is looking at a Minecraft Xbox One release date towards the end of the year or the first half of next year. It is unclear if the developers are planning on a Minecraft Xbox One release date before there is a new and more updated version of Xbox on the market. Presently, Minecraft has just released a few updates pertaining to the Xbox 360 edition of the game. That version, although popular, is losing steam because Xbox 360 imposes a lot of limitations on the scope of the game, courtesy the capacity of the RAM. Thus, it is perhaps not wrong to presume that the Minecraft Xbox One release date would be either before or immediately after the release of the next Xbox. From the perspective of fans and in their interest, the sooner the Minecraft Xbox One release date is, the better.

Minecraft is expected to be released on the Xbox One and shall be available within the Xbox One launch window.